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Why Catholic

Why Catholic is a program of Renew International and focuses on the four pillars of the Catholic Catechism. This year’s sessions are centered on the Profession of Faith and look at the truths that we, as Catholics, believe. The sessions are structured around the Apostle’s Creed and offer the opportunity to explore the basic tenets of our faith. Each session is led by a St. Mary’s volunteer facilitator in a small group faith sharing format where adults share their faith experiences. Contact Mitch Liro (429-6098) for more information and to register. Small Faith-sharing groups will meet for six weeks on Monday or Thursday nights
Sessions begin the week of October 7th

Topics for this Fall Season are:

Session 1: The Public Life of Jesus
Session 2: The Paschal Mystery: Jesus' Death and Resurrection
Session 3: The Holy Spirit and the Church
Session 4: One Church with Diverse Roles
Session 5: Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church
Session 6: We Believe in Everlasting Life

Contact Mitch Liro (429-6098) or Juanita Campos-Rivera (429-7774) for more information and to register.

If you would like a little extra information to help you decide to participate in WHY CATHOLIC?, please click here to read how some of our parishioners felt about being a part of ARISE faith sharing groups. You will see that small groups give people the opportunity to get to know others well, feel comfortable sharing some of their personal stories of faith and grow in their spiritual lives. It’s worth a click! 


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In October 2008, St. Mary's parish launched ARISE Together in Christ, a program developed by RENEW International in collaboration with our Archdiocese that offered adult parishioners an opportunity to deepen their faith and develop a closer relationship with Christ. About 200 of our parishioners participated in this program over its five seasons. ARISE created small faith-sharing groups that encouraged participants to reflect on their own life experiences in light of scripture and other program materials, as well as the experiences of other group members, in order to grow in their faith and in their relationships with fellow parishioners. Click here to read reflections by participants in our parish ARISE program.

The ARISE program is now completed...and the journey of faith formation continues. Watch for news about upcoming faith formation opportunities here at St. Mary’s Parish.

ARISE was developed by RENEW International especially for the
Archdiocese of Boston as it celebrated its Bicentennial.

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