Art and Environment Committee

The St. Mary’s Art & Environment Committee is responsible for the beautification of St. Mary’s Parish. Outdoors, as the seasons change, the Committee plants and maintain flowers in various vessels and around the lawn statuary and sign. Indoors, as the liturgical seasons change, the Committee decorates God’s house with flowers, greenery, colored tapestries, the Advent Wreath, the Christmas Crèche, and so on. Many hands are needed to transform the church for major feasts such as Christmas and Easter, and those with sewing skills are put to good use repairing and creating liturgical cloth. If you have a green thumb or an artistic eye, then this ministry may be for you.

Contact: For more information or to volunteer to serve on the St. Mary’s Art & Environment Committee, please call Mrs. Najat Whalen care of 508-429-4427.