Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

The Equestrian Order is a worldwide Catholic Order of Chivalry that is comprised of lay and clerical members. One of the oldest international Orders of Knighthood, it was founded in 1099 to safeguard the Holy Sites in the Holy Land, especially the Tomb of Christ.

Today, members of the Order commit themselves to continue growing in their knowledge and love of Jesus, and to supporting the Church’s works of mercy in the Holy Land – particularly through schools, hospitals, clinics and the Latin Patriarchate. They assist in the preservation of a living and viable Christian presence in the Holy Land held dear by all Catholics as the land where Our Lord was born, preached, died and rose to save us.


The Order of the Holy Sepulchre has approximately 30,000 members, of which 14,291 are in the United States of America. It is comprised of Catholic men and women who have distinguished themselves in their adherence to the teachings of the Church and in meritorious service to their parish and diocese. Membership is by invitation only. The nomination of a person to the rank of a Knight or Lady of the Holy Sepulchre is extended to Catholics who desire to work together for an important cause of the Church – the preservation of Christianity in the Land of Christ.

Strictly speaking, one should never seek admission to the Order; rather, each candidate for Investiture is nominated by a current Knight or Lady of the Holy Sepulchre. The nominator should know the candidate very well, ascertaining that they are a practicing Catholic in good standing who has demonstrated a true “heart for service.” Nominees must then be approved by their Pastor, Bishop and the Order.

Current Membership at St. Mary’s Parish, Holliston:

Rev. Mark J. Coiro KCHS
Rev. Mr. John Barry KCHS

Mrs. Tracy Abucewicz DHS
Mr. Tony Alexander KHS
Mr. Anthony Bellomo KHS
Mr. Thomas Brodo KHS
Mr. Brendan Cavalier KCHS
Mrs. Sue Cote DCHS
Mr. Michael Kerrigan KHS
Dr. Kathleen Larche DHS
Mrs. Kim Latifi DCHS
Dr. Anthony Nunes KCHS
Mrs. Joanne O’Connell DHS
Mr. Kevin O’Connell KHS
Mr. Charlie Paradie KHS
Mrs. Kristin Roberto DHS
Mr. Michael Roberto KCHS
Mrs. Lucy Servidio DHS
Mrs. Najat Whalen DHS

Prayer of the Order

O Lord Jesus Christ, for your five wounds that we carry on our insignia we pray to You.

Give us the strength to love all whom your Father has created and, more so, our enemies.

Free our soul and heart from sin, from partiality, from egoism and from cowardice so that we can be worthy of Your sacrifice.

Let your Spirit fall upon us all, the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, so that it may render us as convinced and sincere ambassadors of peace and love among our brothers and sisters and, especially, among all those who think they do not believe in You.

Give us faith to face all the problems of everyday life and to deserve, one day, to approach, humbly but without fear, Your presence.


Parish Contact:

Rev. Mark J. Coiro, KCHS

[email protected] – 508-429-4427

Website: http://www.oessh.va