Women in God’s Spirit (W.I.N.G.S.)

A Ministry approved by the Archdiocese of Boston

What is WINGS?

WINGS is a faith enrichment group for women of all ages who seek to grow in their relationship with God and deepen their faith. WINGS encourages its members to learn and grow in their Catholic faith and be aware of their own unique spiritual gifts so as to benefit the wider Christian community and build up the Kingdom here on earth.

Why have a WINGS Group?

  • A Need for Lifelong Faith Formation: Many Catholic women have a deep need to grow and deepen their faith. A weekly prayer and study group, like WINGS, can encourage a woman to see the value of her life as Christ intended, and to know that His support is available to her in the form of her Christian sisters.
  • A Need for Community Rooted in Christ: In this setting, women are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God through the group, the study of God’s Word, prayer and sharing with others.

Who attends WINGS?

WINGS welcomes women of all ages; single, married, separated, divorced, widowed, or in religious life. WINGS welcomes women in all life situations: women who are working, at-home, or retired.

When does WINGS meet at St. Mary’s?

St. Mary’s WINGS meets on Wednesday mornings during the school year from 9:30 am to 11:15 am. WINGS has three different seasons, focusing on three areas of spiritual growth:

  • The Fall Season explores Catholic tradition and teaching.
  • The Winter Season involves study and sharing on Scripture.
  • The Spring Season. Also known as the “faith focus season”, enables the women to discern ways of putting into practice their faith in their personal life, family life, community, and the world.

What is a Typical Meeting?

  • Arrival, Childcare Sign-In, Coffee, Social
  • Welcome, Song, Prayer, and Announcements
  • Large Group Presentation by a Speaker
  • Small Group Sharing
  • Large Group Closing Prayer and Petitions

Realizing that God also speaks in the ongoing stories of peoples’ lives, there are Small Sharing Groups that come together regularly at WINGS. The women discern the movement of God in their individual and communal lives, form bonds of friendship, pray, share life and share around the topic of the morning. Realizing that childcare is an essential component to the ministry, a warm and secure environment for young children is provided.

How do I find out more about WINGS?

Contact the St. Mary’s WINGS Moderator and Archdiocesan Coordinator, Jennifer Schiller at [email protected]. Also go to the WINGS web site by clicking here.

What is the current WINGS schedule?

To get the current schedule of meeting dates, speakers, and topics, just click here.

Due to the pandemic we are presenting the Fall Season of Women in God’s Spirit virtually. To view the presented meetings please click on the link below:

The Centrality of the EucharistDeepening Your Relationship with Christ

WINGS Winter Season: Bible Study: John 1-10, I am the Bread of Life.

2021 WINGS Spring Virtual Season “Recognizing God’s Grace In our Lives.”

Fall Season 2021 Uncovering Hidden Treasure,Understanding Catholic Social Teaching