Food Pantry

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”
23 Water Street
Holliston, MA
(508) 429-5392

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 10:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Wednesday Evening, 4:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Emergency Openings call Sylvia Stickney at (508) 429-6155

The History

The Holliston Pantry Shelf was established in December of 1993 and first located in the basement of the Town Hall. In March of 1996 a new space was made available, through the generosity of local businessperson Christine Carey, Esq., at 23 Water Street, where the Pantry continues to be housed today. There, residents can shop off the shelves for their families in the privacy of our separate entrance way and back of the building space. We are supported solely with monetary and food donations from our generous community.

Do I Qualify to Use the Pantry?

Any Holliston resident in need may use the Pantry.

How do I use the Pantry?

In order to use the Pantry one must obtain a Pantry Card through the Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall. A resident completes a quick form asking his/her name, address, number of people in the family and a telephone number. The Town Clerk checks to see that the resident is listed in our census listings and thus resides in Holliston. The Town clerk will then mail the card to the applicant. A number is assigned to each participant; no name appears on the card. The card is issued to one family member and should be used solely by that person. When a resident uses The Pantry he/she must present this card at each visit.

Shopping at the Pantry

Once a shopper presents his/her card, that person may shop off the shelves for his/her family each week. A Food Pantry Volunteer will obtain the perishable foods for each resident. The chalkboard next to the door lists the perishable items such as margarine, eggs, cheese and meats that shoppers may bring home each week. Laundry detergent can be obtained once a month. We strongly suggest that each resident brings home the appropriate number of grocery bags for the size of their family (for example; if there are 1-3 people in the family a shopper can take 3 bags of groceries in addition to the perishable items they need).

During the holidays we do offer Pantry users the complete ingredients for holiday meals. The Holliston Newcomers Club always prepares Thanksgiving baskets that are complete with turkey and all the fixings; we also provide Christmas/Hanukah/Easter baskets for our shoppers.

Becoming a Volunteer

You can volunteer for the Food Pantry in two ways; you can volunteer for weekly shifts during our hours of operation or you can be a Panty Pal. Pantry Pals is our new group of volunteers who will assist us during one-time activities or special events such as the Souper Bowl.

Donations Always Welcome

If you wish to contribute food items, you may drop them off in the black bin located to the left of the Pantry’s entrance. All items are welcome, however we are always in need of staples such as peanut butter, cans of tuna, spaghetti sauce, canned goods and paper products. Monetary donations are also welcome. You can drop those off at the Pantry or send them (checks only) to our P.O. Box 6662, Holliston, MA 01746.

St. Mary’s Parish, Holliston

Each Sunday the St. Mary’s Mass bulletin lists the item most needed by the Holliston Pantry Shelf that week.

St. Mary’s has a bin where non-perishable food donations may be dropped off on your way to Mass, Religious Education, etc. This bin is located in the St. Mary’s Parish Center right next to the main parking lot doors by the Youth Ministry Bulletin Board.

For many years it has also been the tradition at St. Mary’s to take up a collection for the Holliston Pantry Shelf on Holy Thursday (Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper). The same is also done on Thanksgiving Day.


Food Pantry 508-429-5392
Town Clerk’s Office 508-429-0601
Sylvia Stickney, Treasurer 508-429-6155
Cathy Georgallas 508-429-4843