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Knights of Columbus St. Mary’s Council 14224

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal, and service organization, which has grown from several members in one council in 1882 to more than 13,000 councils today with 1.7 million members throughout the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Guam and Saipan.

The Knights of Columbus are guided by four core principles: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.

Having embarked on a mission to spread God’s message of faith and love, we stand united with the Church. In countless ways, our belief strengthens us to speak out for religious and moral values.

As well, the Knights of Columbus actively encourages and promotes religious vocations by providing financial support to those who pursue them. Respect for the clergy and for those in religious life is a pillar of our organization.

Knights are also unified with the Catholic Church in our mutual commitment to the sanctity of life. By leading this charge, Knights of Columbus members have impacted thousands of lives.

As Knights, our faith is our foundation. Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works, the Knights of Columbus has created several opportunities for Catholic families to be active and faithful through family prayer, Eucharistic celebrations and rosary programs. We also encourage lay persons to participate in the Church in a variety of ways.

The Knights of Columbus is an active volunteer organization that raises awareness for needy causes and generates much-needed funds to support a variety of charitable activities.

Today, the Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic service organization in the world. But we are not complacent. We are tireless in our search for the next generation of Knights.

As a Knight, you can make an impact through enduring faith and unfaltering fellowship.


To become a knight you must be at least eighteen years old and a Catholic. If you are interested in becoming a Knight we are always looking for members (many hands make light work!). The brother Knights understand the time commitments that we all face with work and family, and understand that many men are concerned with taking on more. However, for as little as one hour a month, you could join an organization dedicated to serving the Church and community in which we all live.


Please feel free to contact Al Scaramella at 508-561-0584 or [email protected] or one of the many Knights attending Mass.

Business Meetings

These are open to Knights only, and are held the Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm (Rosary at 7:00 pm) in the St. Mary’s Lower Church.

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History of the Knights of Columbus

Led by the quiet, unassuming curate of St. Mary’s Parish in New Haven, Connecticut, a small group of men established the Knights of Columbus in the church basement early in the spring of 1882. The priest, Father McGivney, saw clearly that both Catholics and the Church faced serious problems in the last half of the nineteenth century such as anti-Catholicism and ethnic prejudice; under-employment; lack of social standing and early loss of the breadwinner.

To resolve those problems Fr. McGivney conceived the idea of an organization of Catholic men who would band together:

  • To aid one another in times of sickness and death, by means of a simple insurance plan, so that their wives and children would not face abject poverty.
  • To strengthen themselves and each other in the Faith
  • To strengthen families and family life
  • To be a strong pillar of support for their priests and bishops
  • To be of service to Church and Community by coming to the aid of those most in need in society.

History of the Knights of Columbus at St. Mary’s Parish, Holliston, MA

Through the traditions of the Knights of Columbus, the St. Mary’s Council #14224 was organized in March 2007 to reach out to the parish and the Town of Holliston through our committees of “Church”, “Community”, “Youth”, and “Council”.

For our Church, we:

  • cook meals
  • serve food
  • ‘adopt’ a seminarian
  • assist with small maintenance projects
  • serve as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Teachers, Ushers

For our Community, we:

  • raise funds for charities
  • serve senior citizens
  • serve special needs children
  • sponsor an annual blood drive
  • promote Pro Life issues and activities

For the Youth of St. Mary’s, we:

  • assist at the special needs Christmas party
  • sponsor a town and district basketball challenge
  • sponsored a town and district soccer challenge

At the Council level, we:

  • firmly commit ourselves and have strong growth in membership
  • conduct an annual Tootsie Roll Drive to support special needs children & families
  • hold monthly business and social meetings