Pastor’s Greeting

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish Website!

Founded in 1870, St. Mary’s is today a vibrant parish of more than 2,200 families. Part of the Archdiocese of Boston, it is a parish known for the beauty of its liturgy and the strength of its social outreach and youth ministry programs. Most of all, St. Mary’s strives to be a place where people can grow together in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Together we are called to witness His mercy to the world.

If you are already a member of our parish, we hope that you will find this website to be a useful tool. If you are a visitor, we extend to you a warm welcome. We also invite you to join us in the celebration of Sunday Mass – God’s great gift to His Church, and the heart and soul of our life as Catholic Christians.

In the Mass God offers us the Scriptures as a roadmap for life, the Eucharist as food for the journey, and the worshiping community as companions on the way. We hope that you will find at St. Mary’s a spiritual home, and a loving family of faith to support you in every way.

Perhaps the best image for what our parish aims to be is found in these lines from the writings of St. Gregory the Great.

“When we are linked by the power of prayer, we, as it were, hold each other’s hand as we walk side by side along a slippery path; and thus it comes about that the harder each leans on the other by prayer, the more we are riveted together in brotherly love.”

We at St. Mary’s invite you to pray with us, to walk with us, to lean on us, as together we follow Jesus on the narrow, but royal way of the Cross.

May the Lord of Our Journey continue to bless you and yours.

Under His Mercy,

Rev. Mark J. Coiro