Examination of Conscience for Children

In your family:

  • Have you shown love and respect for your parents, sisters and brothers?
  • Did you listen to your parents and do as they asked?
  • Did you try to settle arguments with your brother or sister?
  • Did you try to be polite?
  • Have you accepted your share of family chores?
  • Have you respected the rights of other family members?
  • Did you try to control any selfishness?
  • Have you demanded things you didn’t need from your parents, like expensive clothes, games, tapes, etc?
  • Did you respect your own body?

In your church family:

  • Did you attend Mass and religious classes willingly?
  • Did you listen and learn about God?
  • Were you quiet and respectful during Mass?
  • Did you remember your prayers?
  • Did you try to help others?

In your neighborhood:

  • Did you respect the belongings of other people?
  • Did you remember to be truthful?
  • Have you been friendly and helpful to your neighbors?
  • Did you forgive those who hurt you?
  • Did you make good choices concerning the environment?

At school:

  • Have you been helpful and cooperative with your teachers and classmates?
  • Have you done homework and class assignments properly and promptly?
  • Have you obeyed school and class rules?
  • Have you respected the rights of others?

With friends:

  • Have you been helpful and loyal?
  • Have you given good example?
  • Have you avoided bad language and bad habits?
  • Have you put others down?
  • Have your helped friends feel good about themselves and their actions?

For ourselves personally:

  • Have you tried to eat properly and get sufficient exercise?
  • Have you shared allowance money with others?
  • Have you spent money foolishly or selfishly?
  • Have you wasted time watching TV when you should have been doing other things?

In our relationship with God:

  • Have you talked with God often: when you get up, before school, throughout the day, before and after meals, at bedtime?
  • Have you remembered that God is always with us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit?
  • Have you offered prayers of praise and thanksgiving for the good things in our life?